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The Wellness Lounge goes beyond traditional spa experiences to address both the physical and mental aspects of wellness by offering a profound path to rejuvenation and personal growth.

PEMF BioBalance

Step into a world of serenity and let this multi-dimensional experience guide you through an immersive journey of healing and relaxation that harmonizes you on a cellular level. The BioBalance Journey utilizes innovative technologies of PEMF, Binaural Audio and Synchronized Light Therapy.

25 minutes: $59

Series of 10: $390

RedLight Bar

Experience the transformative power of our clinical grade Red Light Bar. Targeting the face, forearms, and wrists to revitalize your skin by promoting collagen production while also aiding muscle recovery by accelerating healing, reducing tension, and improving flexibility.

15 minutes: $39

Series of 10: $270

Infrared Sauna

Relax in our full spectrum infrared saunas with medical grade chromotherapy. The perfect complement to our array of treatments that enhance wellbeing and promote healing through continued detox and pain management.

30 minute: $45

Add 10 minutes: $10

Series of 10: $290


Imagine reclining on the specially designed HydroMassage lounger, where the artful combination of warm water jets and personally calibrated pressure will work their magic on your muscles. This enclosed, sealed water bed-style system ensures a serene session while keeping your clothing comfortably dry.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil prelude to a massage with one of our expert therapists or simply need a rejuvenating break, our HydroMassage offers a tailored experience that perfectly complements your spa day.

25 minutes: $59

Series of 10: $390



Enjoy some reflecting time in our private retreat room with organic blooming teas and light refreshments. Guests can bring additional food and drink or have it delivered.

60 minutes $200 ($30 per guest over 6)

30 minutes $99 (maximum 3 people)