Your Winter Skincare Strategy

During the winter – especially if you are spending that winter in Chicago – you need to up your skincare game. And your friends at Spa Space Chicago – voted the best day spa in Chicago – are here to help.

It’s not enough to cover up your skin with an assortment of gloves, scarves, hats, and coats to protect it from the harsh winter weather in the Windy City. Conditions inside your home or workplace this time of year can also be hard on your skin.

Understanding why dry skin can be such a problem this time of year can help you plan an effective strategy to combat it.



The Role of Humidity

Humidity levels – both inside your home and out in the cold – are a big part of the reason why all seem to be plagued with dry skin this time of year.

“Outdoors, the cold air holds less moisture,” the Washington Post reports. “Indoors, heating systems also dry out the air.”

It is sad to think that the heating system that you give thanks for every time you walk in the front door is contributing to your dry skin, but don’t despair. You certainly don’t want to turn the heat off – and you don’t have to! There are simple steps you can take to protect and soothe your skin.

You probably can’t do much about the humidity levels in the air while you are at work – unless of course, you are working from home. In that case, a simple humidifier can be a great weapon in your battle against dry winter skin.

Daniela Kroshinsky, a Harvard dermatologist, told the Washington Post that a high-capacity machine is the best way to go. “Smaller units probably don’t change the humidity level effectively,” she told the paper.

The reporters at the Post really did their homework. “A review of the scientific literature on climatic conditions found this general truth: Low humidity and low temperatures reduce the skin’s capacity to serve as a barrier and increase the risk of dermatitis — itchy, dry and often inflamed skin,” they say.

Moisturizing your skin twice a day should definitely be part of your winter skincare routine.

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