Make Your Next Snow Day a Spa Day

Make Your Next Snow Day a Spa Day

There are crazy, stressful days in Chicago when a spa massage is all you can think of. But there are times when it’s just not possible to visit your favorite spa in downtown Chicago – or any Chicago day spa for that matter. Those are the times that you need to create a spa space in your own home, where you can relax, let go of the stress, and refresh your spirit.

Let’s face it, this probably isn’t the year for big aspirational resolutions. Between the pandemic and a fierce Chicago winter, you have enough on your plate just getting out of bed in the morning. And, of course, those cold, grey, snowy days in Chicago are when a spa day would be a real lifesaver are the days when you can’t possibly get here.

If you really do want to make a resolution, though, you might want to go with something like, “I resolve to maintain my sanity!” And knowing how to create a spa-like ambiance in your home can definitely help with that.

Make Your Place a Spa Space

The folks at AARP (hey, respect your elders!) offer 10 Steps to the Perfect DIY Spa Night that has some great ideas.

“If you’re a bath lover, apply face and hair masks before that dreamy soak and maybe end with a clear water rinse under the bath faucet,” they say. “Prefer showers? Do your masks and let them work while you read a book, write in a journal or daydream before spray-time. Adapt the schedule, agenda, and products to suit your needs of the moment.”

We would probably opt for the bath. You can find some lovely (and inexpensive) mineral salts at your local drugstore – or treat yourself and have them delivered, along with some aromatic oils or candles to help set the mood.

And, when the snow melts and it’s safe to venture out, you can book a spa day at Spa Space Chicago!