Thank you Chicago Essential Workers!

Spa Space Is Thankful for Chicago’s Essential Workers

All of us at Chicago’s Spa Space – from the therapists who deliver the best massages in Chicago to our skincare experts and from our manicurists and spa attendants to our managers – would like to sincerely thank all of the essential workers who have been showing up and taking care of the city day after day, ever since we first heard of Covid-19.


The pandemic is hard on everyone. Some people are dealing with crippling isolation. For some, the challenge comes from not being able to work. And for others – for our essential workers – the challenge lies in showing up for the community they serve despite the risk to their own health and safety.


You Have Our Thanks


The healthcare workers caring for Covid-19 patients are at the top of our list. The doctors and nurses in Chicago’s hospitals have demonstrated incredible compassion and grit as the pandemic stretches on and on. We are grateful to them – and to all of the support people who work in the hospital from the respiratory therapists to the cleaning crew.


They really are heroes. And we are thankful for all that they are doing.


There are countless others all across the city who are also leaving the safety of their homes and heading off to work at grocery stores and gas stations. There are people delivering everything from your mail to your pizza (not to mention all the boxes of stuff you have ordered online!).


Chicago’s first responders continue to put their lives on the line. And there are amazing people who venture out to volunteer at food banks and distribution sites.


If you would like to join the management and staff at our downtown Chicago spa in thanking essential workers, the United Way has put together a list of ways you can thank essential workers. Of course, the best way to show your appreciation is by wearing a face mask, maintaining a distance of six feet from others, and washing your hands frequently.