Celebrate Self-Care Sunday at the Spa

You have liked every post, tweet and meme celebrating self-care Sunday, but somehow you still haven’t managed to carve out the time to take care of you. We get it. Really. Spa Space Chicago’s massage therapists, our aestheticians and talented nail techs and, basically, every friendly face you see when you visit our day spa in downtown Chicago, faces the same challenges. 

You’ve been meaning to make self-care a priority, but the weekends seem to fly by so quickly. You’re out of milk and almost out of cat food (gasp!), you promised your friend you would meet her at the dog park and there’s that new place you’ve been wanting to check out that is supposed to have a fabulous Sunday brunch. 

Everything you add to your to-do list seems to bump self-care further down on the list and before you know it, it is Monday morning. As you drag yourself out of bed and prepare to start the week feeling tired and drained, you once again make a pledge to celebrate self-care Sunday. 

Self-Care Sundays at the Spa

When it comes to establishing a new habit or routine, we could all use a little help now and then. Fortunately, for all of you who have been really meaning to make self-care part of your Sunday ritual, our day spa in downtown Chicago is open on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Make a standing appointment for a mani/pedi on Sunday afternoon. Let one of our expert massage therapists ease the tension that built up over the past week from your shoulders. Once you begin to get into the habit of taking care of yourself – and once you start to experience the benefits of celebrating self-care Sunday – it will be easier for you to make an appointment with yourself to celebrate with a spa day at home. 

Making an appointment at Spa Space Chicago for a facial, a massage or a wellness treatment can offer the structure and reinforcement you may need to start making self-care an automatic part of your weekend routine. To get started, contact us or book your appointment online.